It was my time to make the gifset of the best moment of the Movie Awards.

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Best Shirtless Performance - MTV Movie Awards

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Zac won!!!! Im sooo happy!

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Anônimo asked: your gifs are amazing! i'm trying not to reblog everything here but it's quite impossible lol i'm so sorry to bother you but do you have by any chance the video of this /post/78151797656 ? thank you for any help <3

here it is

and keep reblogging everything you want! Thanks!!

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enriquefarrell asked: Great blog, best mixture of Zac I've seen, older HSM with NewYearsEve, n a nice variety of everyday candid photos, thing I enjoyed most--the SNL skit w/ Jason, haven't seen it anywhere. Great job. EF

thanks! I try my best to make stuff with some quality and when I receive comments like that it’s really great.

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